When making online purchases, shoppers have the option to either pay online or pay on delivery. After getting the opinion of some of my regular readers, it is obvious that most people still prefer to pay on delivery.

For example, the Central Bank of Nigeria is ensuring that Nigeria becomes a cashless society, but despite that, some Nigerians still prefer to settle transactions via cash notwithstanding whether it is online or offline.

Many businesses in the country are also encouraging their customers to make use of online payment platforms. One of the sectors pushing this change is the e-commerce industry. Jumia for one has put various measures in place to encourage Nigerians to prepay for their others.

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It is true that there are some hazards involved in online payments, they might include the risk of fraud, payment conflicts caused by technical glitches and anomalies, Risk of Impulse Buying and much more. This has made people prefer payment on delivery option.

But what are the benefits of online payments and why should you use them? I will be highlighting some of them in this post.

It is Safe

The whole idea of a cashless society is to discourage people from carrying cash around. When making a purchase too, it is safe when you pay online. Here is why.

Carrying cash around is quite risky, especially in the kind of World we live in. Another thing is when you pay online, the only thing you have to do on your part is to be available to receive the order or assign someone to collect it on your behalf.

Guaranteed Delivery

From the experiences, I have had and heard from other online shoppers, e-commerce company view orders with online payments as urgent. This means that they will consider those orders for quick delivery and your order will get to you on time.

Another point to look at when it comes to paying online for your purchases is that most e-commerce companies are not well established yet. They might need you to pay first so that they can buy the items and deliver them to you. That is another reason why online payments should be your best bet.

Discount on Items Purchased

Why make online payments

We all like to get a discount on our purchases, don’t we? (I mean who doesn’t). Well, online payments for items purchased are a sure way to enjoy mind-blowing discounts. Online stores have used this fact to encourage shoppers to pay online.

When you shop on Jumia for example and prepay for your order with Jumia Pay, you will get 5% off upon checkout. Apart from using Jumia Pay, you also enjoy a great discount for paying online. All these discounts will ensure that you are paying far less than the actual cost of your order.

Easy to Use

Another reason why most shoppers prefer to pay cash is that they consider online payment process to be very complicated, having to remember a lot of passwords.

But that was in the past, now online payments have been made very easy. You can pay with your ATM cards, some banks even have shortcodes you can use for your online transactions.

So you just key in your PIN and the payment is done. It’s that simple.

Quick Refund

Sometimes, the items you order for might be different from the items delivered, or you changed your mind altogether. In this case, you will need a refund as soon as possible. One way you can get a quick refund is to use Jumia Pay. The reason is this.

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The refund will be sent your Jumia Pay account and you can decided to withdraw the money into your account or use it to purchase another item. Very easy. Other online stores also have a speedy process for refunds. So your money will surely get to you.

As you can see from this post, making payments online for your items has a lot of benefits. When though there might be some disadvantages hold you back, if you choose the right online store, you will never regret it. From quick refunds to huge discounts, the list goes on.

So, when you are about to purchase your next item, ensure to keep this point in mind and make your payments online and enjoy the benefits attached to it.