Beauty they say can be found anywhere, even in a country where the image portrayed to the international community is not too encouraging sometimes.

When you identify yourself as a Nigerian in some countries, the reception might not be a welcoming one. But in the middle of this, some individuals are still making the country proud.

One of such individual is Job Oyebisi, who runs StanLab, a 3D virtual science laboratory. He won the 2018 Idea Change Lives British Council global competition. This also earned him a cash prize of £20,000.

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Oyebisi won the competition by creating a viable solution that would enhance secondary school students to get acquitted with new learning skills in laboratory technology.

The inspiration for the solution created came when Oyebisi noticed that students all over the globe, requires knowledge in getting a quality education through a modern scientific breakthrough in research.

Job Oyebisi

With excitement, Oyebisi said:

Coming out tops in the competition gives me joy. I won the championship by using technology to bring quality science education to secondary schools. I was able to offer a solution where students, especially in public schools, can learn in a laboratory class without physically seeing the lab.

His solution is really a welcome development as it will help a student superimpose his view in class to look like reality through a scientific device.

He further explained that in Nigeria and Africa as a whole, a lot of students don’t have access to quality science laboratory. This shows that this research can help develop students to be updated in modern scientific learning in schools.

This solution is surely not going to be abandon because Lucy Pearson, who is the British Council country director, West Africa, said the council will work with Oyebisi and other international agencies to ensure he gets the required assistance to make his research a reality.

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In her words:

British Council is delighted a Nigerian won the top prize of the competition. Our main aim for the competition is show commitment to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). We are aware that the world is changing fast and time is not on our side, the digital partnerships and innovations team is looking for new partners to help us raise our game.

She added:

Challenge prizes competitions are viable relevant way of encouraging innovations, particularly in public sector organisation. Our key focus is human capacity building of our youths globally.

Congratulations to Job Oyebisi for winning the competition, and thank you very much for making the country proud, we the youths will surely learn from this.

So if you are working hard to create a solution to make the lives of people better, keep up the good work. Someday, it will surely pay off. No matter the circumstances you find yourself and the environment you live in, beauty can surely be found anywhere, even in YOU.