one of Africa's Tech giant, 36-year-old Paula Ingabire

Meet one of Africa’s Tech giant, 36-year-old Paula Ingabire, mother to three kids

The tech industry in Africa has been growing rapidly in recent times, and some people are responsible for this growth.

Whether you are a beginner in the tech community or you are a Woman in Tech, you will surely draw inspiration from this incredible personality who has contributed immensely to the growth of the technology in Rwanda.

She is Paula Ingabire, a 36 years old Rwandan technology activist, politician and a mother to three kids. You might think that is a very good profile, but wait until you see her portfolio.

Paula Ingabire is a Rwandan technology enthusiast and politician who serves as the Minister of Information and communications technology and Innovation in the Cabinet of Rwanda since 18 October 2018. She has extensive experience in IT and made her marks for the past nine years as an innovator.

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Before she was appointed, however, she occupied the position of Head of ICT Business Development Department of the Rwanda Development Board and Coordinator of the Kigali Innovation City Initiative. She also worked as the Smart Africa coordinator which is an initiative that seeks to leverage broadband infrastructure to drive Africa’s socio-economic growth.

Some other details about her include being apart of the Girls in ICT Rwanda and has also been at the helm of Transform Africa, a platform that brings together innovators and policymakers across Africa to shape Africa’s digital transformation agenda.

She graduated from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s School of Engineering & Sloan School of Management, in System Design and Management she also holds a BS in Computer Engineering and Information Technology from the former Kigali Institute of Science and Technology.

Paula joined the reshuffled cabinet of President Paul Kagame who reduced the members of cabinet from 31 to 26. The cabinet is composed of 50% women making Rwanda and Ethiopia the only two African countries with gender equality in their governments.

Paula Ingabire recently announced that Rwanda is joining the list of nations that will be producing smartphone by April 2019.  The news came as a surprise since the tech industry in Africa is not well developed. She took the initiative with her wealth of knowledge and came up with a solution to the technology industry.

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In her comment she said;

To ensure smartphones become affordable, different strategies are needed to ensure each household has a smart device and digital literacy. We hope that the plant to locally produce smartphones will boost access.

Once the factory starts producing smartphones the citizens of Rwanda will be paying in instalments over a period of 24 months.

With her expertise and years for experience, Paula Ingabire is bringing change to the technology industry in Rwanda and Africa at large.

She is an inspiration to everyone in the technology sector, especially the Women In Tech. Keep doing what you are doing, Don’t give up and your light will soon shine through.