Accessing information online is very important in our day to day activity. And if the internet comes at a high price, it might be difficult to afford such packages.

Just yesterday, I wrote a post on how you can enjoy free internet access with the partnership between Google and UBA Group. Now, I have another means for you to browse on the MTN network for FREE.

It is the Hammer VPN which give you access to unlimited browsing and downloading as long as you are on the MTN network. Here is a little information about Hammer VPN.

What is Hammer VPN

Hammer VPN is the latest VPN app offering free unlimited browsing and downloading via MTN network. Hammer VPN is an app that extends a private network across a public network and enables you to send and receive data across shared or public networks as if their computing devices were directly connected to the private network.

Now that you know what Hammer VPN is, it is time to learn how it works so that it can benefit you.

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How does Hammer VPN work

Hammer VPN offers over 15 free dedicated servers and each server is capped at 100MB bandwidth per day. But when you exhaust your daily bandwidth, you can switch to another free server and connect again.

But from what we see above, it shows that internet access is capped. So how do you get the Unlimited access? Well, that is why are here not so?

The information below will help you to see how you can enjoy this unlimited browsing and download on your Android device with MTN  network and Hammer VPN. Its nothing too technical, don’t worry.

Hammer VPN Configuration Settings

To get the most out of your Hammer VPN and enjoy unlimited browsing, just follow the easy steps outlined below.

1. Use MTN Default APN settings

2. Download enjoy free internet access.

3. Install and launch the app

4. Now configure it this way,

> Username: Leave it at default

>Password: leave it as it is

> Server: Choose any free server

>Input this in the first box and second, Rport: 8080 and Lport: 9201

To help get a clearer understanding of how the configuration should go, Please check out the image below.

Enjoy Unlimited Free Browsing on MTN with Hammer VPN

>Connect and wait for about 10 seconds for the VPN to establish a connection and then finally get connected.

When you get connected, you should see a screen similar to the one below.

Enjoy Unlimited Free Browsing on MTN with Hammer VPN

Hurray!!! You can now browse, stream and download for free with your Hammer VPN. However, your access is not unlimited just yet. Just some few steps more.

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How To Bypass Hammer VPN Daily Bandwidth

For this, you need to have ES File Explorer app and you can download it on Google Play store.

> Go to your phone Settings > Apps > Locate Hammer VPN, tap on it and then Force Stop it.

>Open ES file explorer, tap the Menu icon which is located at the top-left corner of the screen. Scroll down and toggle ON Show Hidden Files.

> Still in the Menu, scroll up and tap on Local, then tap on SD Card. Now you will see all the folders in your SD card.

> Tap on Android folder, inside it, you will see a file named .playstor.srf.h

> Now, open the file. You will see some numbers like 11-78217944.

> The first two numbers are today’s date. All you have to do is change it to the next date. For example, today’s date is 11. Change it to 12, then save and exit.

> Go back to your Hammer VPN and connect again. Keep repeating this step whenever you get the second or third session notification or whenever you are about to exhaust your daily limit.

If you follow the above steps carefully, you should now be enjoying unlimited internet access. You can now browse, stream and download your desired contents for FREE as long as you are on the MTN network with your Hammer VPN.

Please let me know what the outcome is on your end, by drop your response in the comment section below.