We all love to enjoy some measure of free stuff don’t we (I mean who doesn’t). Because of the importance of internet access to our day to day activities, getting free internet will surely gladden our hearts.

You will recall that Google launched the Google Station “Free Wi-Fi” last year to provide free internet to some part of Nigeria. But with this new partnership with UBA, there is more.

Enjoy Free Internet as Google Partner with UBA

Google has partnered with United Bank for Africa (UBA) and 21st Century Technologies to provide free WiFi across 11 locations in Lagos State, Nigeria.

Google said it will roll out the initiative in 200 locations in five cities across Nigeria by the end of 2019.

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Google Station, a platform for providing free, high-speed Wi-Fi hotspots in public places, began in Lagos last year and extended to Abuja in December in partnership with Backbone Connectivity Network.

This Google-powered initiative would allow customers access to internet connectivity within the 11 branches and its environs, thereby facilitating their day-to-day businesses and activities, while ensuring unhindered connectivity.

Am sure with all of this you are excited and eager to know the place where you can enjoy this free internet access. Well, here they are.

UBA Bank Road, 810-811 Bank Road, Daleko; UBA Matori, 21 Fatai Atere street; UBA Surulere, 152 Ogunlana Drive; UBA Allen, 13 Allen Avenue, Ikeja; UBA Tisco Plaza, Alausa; UBA Apapa, 11-13 Warehouse Road, Apapa; UBA Marina, 55 Marina, Lagos Island; UBA HQ, Broad Street, Marina; UBA Lekki Admiralty; UBA Oke Arin and UBA Aspamda Plaza, Trade Fair.

Juliet Ehimuan-Chiazor who is Google Nigeria’s Country Director noted that the institutions remained focused on providing internet services to users for free. In her words, she said;

With the help of our partners, we are offering high-quality internet access in heavily-trafficked areas like airports, markets, malls and bus stations throughout the country, especially in areas where there were no internet connections before.

Even with the amazing progress on expanding mobile internet, we are finding that public Wi-Fi remains a crucial step in getting free, high quality internet to everyone

Please take note of the locations mentioned above, so that the next time you are around the area, you can enjoy free internet access courtesy of Google and UBA.