Best articles for the week

Best Articles of the Week

It was indeed a busy week with lots of activities, work, school and all the rest. But for my Nigerian readers, Saturday might have help you to refresh yourself since it was a free day.

On Bridletech however, I published some interesting articles that touched important topics. Here is a quick reminder of some of the Best articles of the week.

What is a Co-working Space and why should you use one?

What is a Co-working Space and why should you use one

Co-working spaces are the trending things in the work environment, especially for freelancers, startups and even some bigger organizations. The growth of this type of working environment means that people now refer the co-working spaces to the traditional office.

Learn what a coworking space is, those you might find in a coworking space (in case you want to network) and why you should use a coworking space.

Toshiba is coming back to the Nigerian Market

Toshiba is coming to Nigeria

After exiting the Nigerian market for over three years now, Toshiba a Japanese firm is making plans to return.

The article shows the reason why they left in the first place and which product they will be focusing on upon their return to the market.


5 tips to help start Marketing your Startup with little or no Fund

Market your startup with zero or no fund

Your Startup is finally up and running and you are super excited. Few customers are already in the system, maybe from family and friends. But then reality sets in.

How do you go from having a few customers to enough customers to sustain your business and fuel its growth since you don’t have millions of dollars from VCs to spend?

Well here are five simple, straight-forward tips on how to market with little or no budget.

How to cope with a device with non-expandable storage in 2019

smartphone with a non expandable storage

Whenever you plan on getting a new smartphone, one of the features you look out for is the device storage. Some like to focus on camera and other function, but after taking those amazing photos where will you store them?

This issue will concern you whether you are on the Android or iOS platform. For this reason, this article provided tips on how to cope on both platforms if your smartphone comes with a non-expandable storage in 2019.

Other Worth Mentions

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Nigeria’s Oyebisi wins British Council ideas challenge gets £20,000

So there you have it, the best articles for the week on Kindly stick with me this week, as I will be providing more beneficial tips.

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