Whether you are a company trying to get noticed by your customer or a blogger aiming to get enough traffic, you will agree with me that SEO is a very important aspect of your traffic strategy.

For you to get your desired traffic, your SEO strategy must be done right, as it will direct your website or blog to the right customers. It is possible that your SEO practice is not properly implemented, maybe you are making some mistakes.

6 SEO mistakes you must avoid in 2019

The good news is that SEO is one of those strategies that you can implement in a few weeks, but it takes time to master it, so you can compete for high-traffic words and phrases.

As we step into the new year (2019), it is time for you to get prepared to put your website or blog in front of your customers. This you can achieve by correcting some SEO mistakes you might have been making in the past.

Without wasting much time, let us dive into 6 SEO mistake you need to avoid in 2019 to help you get the most out of your website or blog.

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Ignoring unique Title Tags and Meta Descriptions

In most blog posts and website pages, unique title tags and meta descriptions are ignored. This might be because they are not obvious on the website.

It might be true that meta tags and descriptions don’t play a direct role in your SEO ranking, they do influence user’s actions. These tags appear in search engine results, not on the website page itself.

For you to properly tackle this, there are tools on the internet. For example, if you are a WordPress user, you can take advantage of Yoast SEO. The plugin helps webmasters and marketers remember to include customized, targeted meta tags and descriptions. These tags should help users recognize whether this page is worth clicking on.

Using Keyword Stuffing

Keyword stuffing is simple overusing the keyword you are trying to target. Some think that this kind of practice will improve their SEO, but it is actually harming it.

When using keywords on your blog or website, try not to overdo it. When you add them too often, they start to read like a robot wrote your content. We aren’t designing websites for robots, we’re designing them for real people.

Google does not like this kind of practice, in fact, it’s recent Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) program can actually understand your topic and decide if you’re overusing your keyword. If found guilty, you can be penalized.

So use keywords naturally,  It’s always better to skip using your given keyword for a specific area of your website if it means avoiding the use of an unnatural keyword.

Using Poorly Written Content

When it comes to content creation, some people prioritize quality contents with quantity. Some even hire low paid article writers and using article spinners – software that takes one article and “re-words” it to make it look like several unique articles to search engines.

If the contents are not properly written the readers will surely figure it out, they know if it is unique and whether the information is valuable.

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It is important to hire writers who are capable of producing original articles that you are proud to publish on your site. Although this might require you paying more, it will really benefit you in the long run.

Forgetting Mobile Optimization

Majority of the users surfing the internet today are doing so on a mobile device, and this is not about to change. In fact, as mobile users increase in number, there will be need to provide more mobile friendly contents. This simply means that if your website doesn’t display properly on different screen sizes, you’re losing customers.

So ensure to invest in a responsive website, also most of the themes available are mobile friendly. Look for professionals in the website design field and see your website or blog attract more users.

Using Analytics to See What Converts

According to an article on neilpatel.com on analytics reports, It’s easy to get caught up watching which phrases are sending you the most traffic, and then get bummed when you can’t rank for those super-competitive, high-traffic keywords. But traffic isn’t all that matters. Many times, lower-traffic phrases will convert better because they’re more specific, and getting first page rankings for several of them can drive quite a few sales.

The truth is that not all of your strategies will work when trying to get users to your website, so if you don’t monitor your analytics report, how will you know which SEO practice is working?

You have tools like Google Analytics or Google Webmaster to help you with this. These platforms have options for emailing you custom reports on a regular basis so these results can come to your inbox. When you get the needed information, it will help you better optimize your site as a whole and know which efforts are worth focusing on and which ones should be let go.

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Ignoring Social Media

While speaking about the importance of Social Media to search traffic, startupmindset.com said that social media platforms function as their own kind of search engines. Platforms like Google and Facebook are incredibly popular search tools for users, and you need to be active on these channels if you want to be competitive.

Social media increases your traffic and allows you to rank in new ways. It’s also a powerful tool for reaching your audience and building relationships. No matter your audience, you can’t ignore these up-and-coming social tools.

Final thoughts

For you to succeed in getting more traffic to your website, it is important to keep up with the latest SEO trends. You also need to avoid the SEO mistakes mentioned above going into 2019. Some of these tips might require that you invest some amount of money, especially getting professionals to work for you.

It is important to note that any investment you make towards improving your SEO skills will pay off as time goes on. You will be visible on search engines and thereby increasing your website traffic (and your profit of course).

So if you find any of these tips useful or you have other SEO mistakes to avoid, kindly drop them in the comment section below. You can also reach out to me on all my social media accounts.