Starting a business in Nigeria is not an easy task especially when you don’t have enough capital to work with. Some people have the funds but do not have the needed business ideas. So you see why it might be a bit difficult to start a business or even sustains it.

Start up these 2 businesses in Nigeria with just N5,000 only

In view of the above, I have made a little research to bring you 2 businesses you can start up with just N5,000, and you will start making your profit as soon as possible. If you can put in the efforts needed, you might be smiling home on a daily basis. There are other investment opportunities you can venture into with just N5,000, but in this post, I will be focusing on the 2 businesses you can start with just N5,000.

Sale of Mobile and Electronic Accessories

Mobile phones are a part of our everyday life, we carry them around and we have some features we cannot do without, which means they are always with us. For this reason, we want our phone to be as beautiful as possible, we listen to music and we also charge it. We need Phone Pouches, Earphones, Chargers, and even USB cable, we can not do without these accessories.
There lies the business opportunity, with as low as N5,000, you can start the sale of the above-mentioned accessories because some of these products start from as low as N150-N200 bulk price. All you have to do is visit Ali Express and some other retail stores that sell these accessories in bulk and order for them. They will be delivered to you, and then the business starts.
If you are finding it difficult to do it the online way, we have a large market of these accessories in the popular Computer Village. Liaising with a shop owner there can kick-start your business, especially when trust is established. When you finally get your goods, a shop is not really needed at this point. You can advertise your product on different online platform like Facebook, OLX, You can even create an online store with Konga and Jumia and even Facebook. This will help you cut down on expenses. Word of mouth from your family and friend will also help.

Sale of Potato and Plantain Chips

Food is essential to the body, but when solid food is not available, people resort to small chops, an example of which are Potato and Plantain Chips. The good news is that this particular business can be started with just N5,000 only. Here is how,
A dozen of Plaintain/Potato chips sells for N500, which means that with your N5,000, you can get 10 dozens of plantains/potatoes. This is a good starting point, isn’t it? Well, it even gets better, you can make a profit of about N1000 from just the 10 dozens you have. If you do not have a shop yet, don’t worry. You can partner with a shop owner to have a container placed in his/her shop showcasing your products. You can also supply to shops, supermarkets and other places where your products are on a high demand. Your location and your customers will determine how much profit you make in a day, so widen your reach as time goes on to earn more.
For your business to survive and thrive, it has to be solving a problem. Fortunately for you, the 2 businesses mentioned above solve very important challenges in our everyday living. If done properly with patient and persistence, you will reap the sweet rewards that come with starting and running a successful business.
Apart from the above-mentioned businesses you can start with N5,000, do you have other suggestions in mind? Kindly drop them in the comment section below as other readers will benefit fully from it.