Are you a regular user of Google Maps to find your way, locate businesses or places to have fun? If your answer to the question is YES, then I have good news for you. As you already know, Google is always improving its services to make them more user-friendly. One of such services is Google Maps.

Earlier last year, Google enabled a new feature that allowed users in some countries to directly communicate with businesses over SMS. In other to add even more accessibility to businesses, Google is today rolling out an enhancement that will consolidate this communication and make it much simpler to follow up with a business.

You can now Message local business from within Google Maps

With this new feature, messages sent to or received from a business will now show up under a separate tab within the Google Maps interface. Since most users search for and locate local shopping options or places to eat within the Google Maps interface, it makes a lot of sense to place the messages option here. To encourage more customers to use the feature, Google has made it very easy to navigate.

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As soon as the feature is enabled on your device, you will be able to tap the “message” option when you click on a Business Profile. This will pop you into the Messages tab from where you can initiate communication. Responses will show up within the same messaging interface. Google plans to expand the availability of the feature to more countries over the coming weeks.

For business owners to benefit from this new feature on Google Maps, they have to download the Google My Business application from the Google Play store or App Store for iOS users. The app will allow business owners to enable real-time communication with customers, which should help boost engagement levels. Just visit the App store connected to your operating system and you are good to go.