Limiting the likes of Facebook and Instagram to 10 minutes a day could be beneficial for your mental health, experts have mentioned. This fact has proved to be true considering the long hours spent on these social media platforms.

To help its users break free from the excessive use of the platform, Instagram promised Earlier in August to provide a feature that will help its users monitor and limit the amount of time they spend. Finally, the feature has been released.

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Instagram will now give users a dashboard so they can see how much time they’re spending on it. In addition to that, you can control your usage by adding a time limit. These features were necessary based on calls about the addictive nature of social media.

You will agree with me that social media platforms are very addictive.  You plan to check updates for some minutes, next thing you know you have spent hours liking, commenting and sharing different post from your family and friends. This makes it necessary for a measure of control to be made available to help curb excessive usage.

How to Place a Limit on Your Instagram Usage

Instagram now helps you Limit the Time you Spend on the Platform, See how

Go to the three horizontal lines – inside the app and click into the ‘Your Activity’ option. You can set daily time limits or mute notifications for a select time to give yourself a bit of a break from Instagram.

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Apple and Google have introduced similar dashboards into iOS and Android so that users can take more control over how they use apps. It’s been proven over and over again that repeated social media use is not always good for you. Although the same promise was made by Facebook, we are yet to see the feature been added. Hopefully, we might be enjoying the feature on the platform soon, so that we can save more time for other activities.