Some time ago, I wrote about the Facebook breach that resulted in the theft of about 30 million users information. While Facebook is still investigating to find out the hackers, there is another latest development.

According to a BBC News report, hackers have published a sampling of private messages from 81,000 Facebook accounts online in order to find buyers for credentials for up to 120 million accounts.

As at the time of this report, the hackers identities are yet to be known, but they are asking for $0.10 per account. You might be wondering whether your account was affected by this new development, but the report shows that most of the users affected are from Russia and Ukraine. However, Facebook accounts from the US and UK were also accessible to the hackers.

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To help validation the true nature for the published messages, BBC contacted some users who were impacted by the hack. At least in one case, the data published included “intimate correspondence between two lovers,” according to the report. The leaked data has since been taken down from the site it had originally been published on.

Facebook, however, has told the BBC that its own security hadn’t been compromised. Instead, hackers apparently used a malicious browser extension to access the impacted accounts. It’s unclear how many users were actually impacted by the incident, as security experts doubted the hackers’ claim of having access to 120 million accounts.

As a Facebook user, there is no need to panic over the safety of your account, you can follow the easy steps highlighted in this post to Protect your Facebook data.