We all want to own a business we can run at our own convenience, don’t we? Even if you are employed, you always dream of starting a business and resigning someday to manage it full time. There are many businesses available, but most of them might require your full attention. Most of these business ideas can be very effective if you have some skills already.

8 Part Time Business Ideas You Can Run While having a Full-time Job

That being said, some businesses exist that can be managed alongside a full-time job, these businesses will not take much of your time. And even if you are not available, others can handle it with little or no supervision from you. Meaning that whether you are a government worker with an 8am-4pm job or if you have a 9-7 job, there is bound to be one business idea in this post that will work for you.

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Let us now examine 8 part time business ideas you can run alongside a full-time job.


Some skill sets are highly sorted after in the freelance department, as most small business might not be able to employ a full-time staff for some positions. Examples of these jobs include graphic designers, web designers, programmers, video production/editing experts, etc. All these jobs can be carried out while keeping a full-time job. If you don’t have the skills, you can invest some money from your salary to get the skills. It would be worth it in the long run.



If you have some skill in the area of baking, this can be a very rewarding career, as for starters you offer to bake cakes for weddings, birthday parties, and other celebrations while making extra income. The interesting thing about this business idea is that baking of cakes and other pastry products can be done on weekends and won’t obstruct your regular job, plus your colleagues could be your first and regular customers.

Web Design

There are many small businesses that need an online presence, and they need a website. But do not have a large budget for online development, and that’s where you come in. You can create site professionally for them and maintain the site for a small fee. Mastering the art of creating service-oriented and value-driven web designs will earn you some good part-time income. Finding customers isn’t hard either since there are freelance websites where you can register and get clients.

Cleaning Services for Businesses


Apart from the normal operational cleaning being carried out in most offices, some intense cleaning is needed for maintenance purposes. Most times the cleaning activities are carried out during weekends since the offices will experience little or no human traffic. If you are willing to spend a few more hours into the night and sometimes on the weekend, you can make a successful business niche that pays well. You can extend this service to cover homes to earn more income.

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Rental Services

This doesn’t require much effort on your part as it involves leasing out plastic tables and chairs for people organizing ceremonies. It is one of most on-demand businesses for anyone wishing to generate passive income and it is suitable for everyone, employed or not.

The demand for this business can be attributed to the many ceremonies being organized weekly like traditional weddings, white weddings, birthday parties, child dedication, and many others. The organizers always rent chairs and tables for the event, thus there is and will always be a high demand for the table and chair rentals.

Sports Viewing Centre


Most guys watch football to relax after the days work. The good thing is most of the football matches are either in the evenings or during weekends. That makes it a good business idea for you to look into. You can even add other side businesses, like sports betting which is a natural fit for sports lovers and a side-bar where people can have their drinks while they enjoy their football.

Transport Services

Uber is in Lagos and Abuja. They provide workers the opportunity to profit from transportation and still keep their jobs. Checkout their website and see their criteria for you to have your car with them. Alternatively, you can make some money yourself over the weekends. Taxi service is not that weird anymore; even bankers enjoy it.

Tutoring Services


You can start a tutoring service for college students or any other group of people who are willing to learn what you have to offer. It is extra work for the weekend but that’s the idea. Making money in your spare time. You can also take your tutoring service online by starting a blog, using social media, or using tutoring websites like Udemy.com.

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Those are some of the part-time business ideas you can execute will you keep your full-time job. In the meantime, Advertise your business at your office or place of work, around your residence and most importantly on the internet.

If you have other part-time business ideas to add, kindly leave them in the comment section below, I will be happy to hear from you.