Airtel Nigeria has been busy recently, trying to launch there 4G LTE network in different states in Nigeria. While aiming to give there customers more value for there money, Airtel Nigeria has now partnered with Coverage Broadband (CB) who are a subsidiary of Phase3 Telecom to bring you 3flix Mobile TV service.

With the emergence of live TV services on the internet like Netflix, Iroko, and iFlix, Airtel is giving Smartphone users more reasons to join their network. All a user have to do is subscribe to a special data plan on the Airtel Network and download the 3flix App HERE. After all the above steps, its time to enjoy full access to 3flix live television channels.

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3flix has a combination of family-friendly channels. The platform currently boasts 42 live TV channels with different genres, from Movies to music, sport, and even kids channels.

The company spoke concern the product,

The product boasts exciting content that is affordable and runs on ease-of-use features for subscribers to stream live TV on the go. The 3flix TV App is also available for download on Play Store. 

With this partnership, customers who subscribe to a special bundled data plan on Airtel will now enjoy unfettered access to 3flix live television channels covering music, movies, sports, fashion, entertainment, news, documentary, cartoon, comedy and lifestyle, amongst others.

3flix is focused on emerging markets in other to offer technology-based experience to users without needing much data. The platform itself is The TV app is designed mainly for smartphones and gives premium television contents to users around the country.

Who knows, this new service might even pose a threat to already existing pay-TV services like DSTV, KweseTv and the rest. If it does, it might help to drive down their subscription prices, which will be a welcomed development.

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Let me know what you think in the comment section, is it a good innovation from Airtel? Will you be willing to use the Mobile TV?