Monitor your babies temperature with Bempu bracelet

Every day, new inventions are been released, all geared to make our life a little better. If you are a parent or a guardian, I have good news for you. There is a new technology that will make taking care of your child even easier.

Introducing Bempu baby temperature monitoring bracelet. Like the name implies, The bracelet helps mothers to monitor their babies’ temperature from anywhere through the use of the latest technology device.

Monitor your babies temperature with Bempu bracelet

Bempu is a temperature monitoring wristband for newborn babies that can help stop babies from developing breathing and other problems. This is achieved by alerting a parent if the baby’s temperature drops and when the baby becomes hypodermic.

How it Works

The device is designed for easy use, and the process doesn’t require any difficulty. Once an infant starts becoming hypodermic, the body conserves heat by restricting the blood flow to the arms and legs. This causes the limbs to become significantly colder which Bempu uses as an early detection sign of hypothermia.

When that happens, Bempu will alert the mother or caregiver in charge so she can swaddle the baby or perform kangaroo care, which in itself would prevent further hypothermia.


Monitor your babies temperature with Bempu bracelet

The bracelet comes with a seamless and continuous use feature. The user doesn’t need education to operate the device. Which means for uneducated parents or guardians it will be easy to use as the alert system is very clear. It also requires no external power supply so there will be no need to charge it. Bempu can be used at home or clinic for up to four full weeks after activation.

The device is also affordable as it cost just ₹2,499.00 (₦12,230 or $33,600). It also fits all baby sizes. With such a small amount you can monitor your child’s temperature, and act on the result you get from the monitor.

You can buy the Bempu directly from or go over to Amazon and make your purchase.