Just a few days ago, I reported on this platform that the Italian Authority fined Samsung and Apple for slowing down smartphones with their constant updates.

Huawei on this part has taken advantage of this opportunity to throw a shade at both Samsung and Apple in their recent tweet.

We would never slow our phones down to force an upgrade. We’re proud our new #HuaweiMate20Pro is #BornFastStaysFast – just like every other phone in our range. #NeverSlowDown Learn more now > https://t.co/Fn1ADt5VBW pic.twitter.com/AJihfosqAM

— Huawei Mobile UK (@HuaweiMobileUK) October 25, 2018

 OEM’s usually take shots at their rivals, and Huawei is known for bragging about the devices for been fast and responsive always. An example of this is the Mate-20 Pro.

During its Mate 20-series keynote, the company compared how its flagship phone’s speed fares against Samsung’s Galaxy Note9 and the iPhone XS Max over time. We don’t know how Huawei tested the Note9’s speed deterioration over the course of nine months since the device got out in August but that’s a whole another story.

Huawei also used the opportunity to start two hashtags which are #BornFastStaysFast and #NeverSlowDown to promote its Mate 20 lineup. Let us keep our fingers crossed to see if Huawei will keep their promise on fast and responsiveness on the Huawei Mate 20 Pro.