The First 5 People To Hire For Your Tech Startup

It really takes hard work to launch your Startup, after achieving that, it’s even harder to get the right people to join you. But if this process is properly handled, it will prove beneficial in the long run, saving you time and effort.

Because you are just starting out, there might be enough cash to work with. This means that you might have to handle the recruitment process yourself, this will definitely save you money.

Recruiting should be one of the skills you need to master if you want to be a successful CEO. This skill should be mastered from the beginning because you will need it to hire the first 5 people needed for your startup to kick-off.

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So the question now is, How do you assemble the best team, and who should be in the team? This post is geared at helping you answer this questions. Let’s get to it.


Yes, you read it right, you the first staff of the company. This means that you will have the privilege of setting the pace for the business. So you have to be in a selling mode all the time. With every opportunity, whether outing for events during networking or other occasions, always talk about your company.
first 5 people to hire
In her post on about hiring for your newly launched startup, Jilliene Helman, CEO of pointed out that although your first jobs will be to raise money for the company and recruit more talents, you also have to speak with clients to ascertain whether you are building a product they really need. When this is done, your next job will be to hire people who will help you achieve your aim.

Front-end Engineer

At the beginning of your startup journey, you might have to take up different job titles because of limited resources. However, if you do not have coding knowledge prior to this, it might be a good idea to hire a person with coding and product design knowledge. Skills required for this person will be HTML, CSS. A candidate with UX experience or design skills will be of added advantage.

Back-end Engineer

Some CEO’s might want to save cost be hiring a “full stack” engineer, with knowledge of both front-end and back-end programming. But it will be a better idea to hire a specialist in each aspect. a front-end engineer who focuses on how the company’s site looks, and a back-end engineer who focuses on how it works.
The job of the back-end engineer will include establishing your hosting, to picking the programming languages you will use, to designing the first version of the website. Even if you personally aren’t tech savvy, you need to seriously consider all of these factors because they will dictate when you’ll be able to launch your company or product.

Integrated Marketing Manager

This person is very key to your startup, as he will take care of your messaging and content marketing. These will include drafting emails, writing copy for the website, interacting with and conduct focus groups with clients, managing social media profiles, reaching out to tech reporters and maintaining consistency across every piece of marketing collateral.

Your marketing manager should also have an eye for design, as he will work with a designer to manage the branding of the company. If you do not have a huge budget for a branding campaign, having a savvy content market will really come in handy.

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The Wild Card

For this hire, some factors will have to be put into consideration before hiring like the kind of company you run, how far along you are and what missing puzzle piece you need to get your startup off the ground. Your ideal hire might be a full-time product manager who can also help tackle corporate operations, somebody who will spend all their time cold calling and closing sales or even a recruiter in case you get funding and you need to hire more people.

First 5 People To Hire For Your Tech Startup

Congratulation on hiring your first 5 people for your startup, but another challenge you experience is how to manage them. One point that will help is to set clear expectations. Watch out for my next on how to your first set of employees.

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