Cyber threats are a challenge to many countries in the world today, especially when it affects our mobile devices (which are our most used devices). Many countries are devising different means to combat this issue. But recent reports have shown that cyber vulnerabilities to mobile devices are on the rise in Nigeria and other sub-Saharan African countries.

The reason for the increase in Cyber threat in this regions can be attributed to the increase in major investments and also improved growth, making it a choice target for cybercriminals.

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A report from CheckPoint Software Technologies, a cyber-security firm shows that though the continent’s Internet penetration was only 35.2 percent in December 2017, 19.2 percent behind the world average, cybercrime is a serious threat to countries in Africa. The report further stated that between January and August, the threat to mobile devices in Nigeria averaged 20 percent to 35 percent higher, with users becoming highly vulnerable.

The statistics show clearly that Cyber threats are really in the increase, and now is the time to take action to tackle it. Sub-Saharan Africa alone currently has a unique mobile subscriber penetration of 44 percent, and it is expected to hit 52 percent in 2025, which might be another reason for the rise in Cyber threats.

Speaking more on the issue of Cyber threat, Rick Rogers, Regional Director, Africa at Check Point said,

These sophisticated attacks on mobile, cloud and various enterprise networks, easily bypass conventional defenses being used by most organizations today as they rely on older generations of security

Also mentioning that the economic increase experienced by mobile devices is incredibly appealing to cybercriminals, as such, they are using every available opportunity to attack individuals and organizations through their mobile devices, including Apps, particularly because these devices are so popular and people usually do not take as strict precautions when it comes to securing them as they would with their laptops for example.

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Seeing all of these Cyber threats, its important for local businesses to partner with security specialists that can help them remain one step ahead of the game is essential. Check Point is leading the way by growing its local teams in North Africa, East Africa, South Africa, SADC, and West Africa through various appointments, including Bryan Chuka Ofoegbu as Acting Country Manager for Nigeria and West Africa.

Check Point said it is already focused on the next wave of attacks and ensuring that clients across Africa and the world can protect their organizations, their employees and their reputations in the ever-evolving space that is cybersecurity.