A smartphone with a Projector is finally here, Welcome the HomTom P1

In recent times, we have seen smartphones come with different feature, some of which we don’t even use. Remember the smartphone with 5 cameras?

HomTom has decided to standout by bringing a feature that other smartphone lack. These gave birth to the HomTom P1, a smartphone with an inbuilt Projector. Sometimes you might be in a meeting and you wish you could share a slide from your smartphone. Well this is the device for you.

HomTom P1 a smartphone with an inbuilt projector

The Homtom P1 comes with some usual specifications we are used to in a smartphone like a large display with an aspect ratio of 18:9,  a single main camera and a front camera located below the display and a large battery capacity of 5500mAh.

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Some features are new to us like the special liquid cooling system and an OSRAM illumination and Texas Instruments DLP pico projector with native HD resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels and capable of delivering brightness of 150 lumens. All the above features makes the projector feature possible.

HomTom P1 a smartphone with an inbuilt projector

HomTom tagged the P1 the ‘World’s Most Durable and Smartest Projector Smartphone, HD LED DLP Projector Phone’. The smartphone is yet to be released and more specifications will be posted as time goes on. When it finally launches, then we will be able to figure out if the title bestowed on it by HomTom is really fitting.

The HomTom will help you to project whatever is happening on your smartphone to others, so whether you are watching a movie or looking through your photos, the P1 will surely come in handy helping you to share with others.

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Let me know what you think about this new feature been added to the HomTom P1 is it really worth it? Is it a feature you will like to use? Kindly drop your opinions on the comment section below.