Xiaomi have been working hard to get on the 5G train, and it seems something might be coming from their camp soon. There is a 5G smartphone being teased by the OEM called “Mi Mix 3”, but the date of release is still unknown.

Xiaomi might be unveiling there first 5G smartphone soon

The teaser was released by Xiaomi President. The image shows someone holding  the said phone on camera, with a little “5G” sign in the status bar lit up.  Also, a bunch of 5G bands and frequencies are visible on a monitor behind the phone, indicating that it will possibly be a 5G device.

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There are few details known about the Xiaomi Mi Mix 3, which includes a slide-out camera mechanism like the Oppo Find X and the upcoming Honor Magic 2. The smartphone might not be bezel-less because we noticed a thin bottom chin.

Xiaomi might be unveiling there first 5G smartphone soon

Whether this is just a teaser or truly the Mi Mix 3 will come with 5G is yet to be known. No information about the specifications or the price of the device. As time goes on, more details will be provided.