After about ten months of release, the iPhone X has finally reached a 60m shipment mark. Although this is not as impressive as you would expect as the iPhone 8 needed just six months to get to those numbers. These might not be the numbers Apple is expecting at this time, but there is a reason for excitement.

iPhone X finally reaches 60m shipment

Even tho it took the iPhone X longer to achieve the figure, the revenue is higher than the iPhone 8, all thanks to its higher price tag. In the first ten months after its launch, the iPhone X has accumulated almost the same $62B revenue as the iPhone 6 in its first ten months. So for this reason, Apple might not worry much about the delay meeting the 60m shipment.

iPhone X finally reaches 60m shipment

Another interesting fact about the iPhone X is that the medium shipments record on the iPhone X still does not mean lower revenue, as counterpoint data show, the iPhone X accounted for more revenue alone than each of Huawei, Oppo, Vivo and Xiaomi’s shipments in the past ten months.

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Some countries have been instrumental to the success of the iPhone X, for example, the U.S and China recorded more sale of the iPhone X  where more than half of all iPhone X was shipped. In comparison, India seems to contribute the lower with just 1% of the overall number.

iPhone X finally reaches 60m shipment

The new set of iPhones will be launched today, Apple revenue is expected to move forward. One notable factor will be the introduction of a cheaper LCD version and two high-priced OLED models.