It’s really frustrating when our internet connection suddenly becomes slow, we all hate it don’t we. Most times, however, this change in connection strength is from our network operator. When this happens, there’s little to nothing we can do. But there is some task we can carry out on our device to get a better network connection. We are now going to examine 5 ways we can speed up our internet connection. 


5 easy steps to boost your internet connection speed

Choose 3G Network Connection

If you are experiencing slow network you might need to change your preferred network connection to 3G, WCDMA or 4G instead of GSM or 2G. This is because some device usually reverts to 2G automatically, so you need to manually change the setting to 3G. But if your device is 4G enabled and you are within a 4G coverage area, switching to 4G might be your best bet.

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Clear Cache from your browser

The slow network might be as a result of some data that your browser stored, one of which is the Cache. In this case, you need to clear your Cache and also your browser history, so as to free some space on your device.

Delete unused Apps

If you have too many unused Apps on your phone, it might cause a slow network connection. So go through all your Apps and determine which should go and which ones should stay. After this, you see improvement, if not then check the next tip.

Enable Text only Mode in the Browser

While surfing the internet, you might not need images in your browser setting, if you discover that your network connection is slow, most browsers provide you with this function. All you need to do is disable image in your browser.

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Select a Faster Web Browser 

If after trying the available steps and your device is still not up to speed, there is one more thing you can try. Switch to another web browser. There are browsers that improve your surfing like Opera Mini, UC Browser, Google Chrome, and Puffin Browser. Puffin seems to be the fastest
So kindly try this tips and let us know how it turns out in the comments section below.