Stability in ICT is critical to the Nation’s development, Aptech Nigeria says

Joseph Ebinum, Director of Aptech Computer Education, Lagos,  has mentioned stability in Nigeria’s Information and Communications Technology (ICT) sector as the key to the country’s development.

Stability in ICT is critical to the Nation's development, Aptech Nigeria says

He stated this during the 2018 Aptech Career Quest in partnership with Middlesex University, held in Lagos, during which students were given 50 per cent scholarship on the course fee for Advanced Diploma in Software Engineering (ADSE) program.


Ebinum also stated that Nigeria is still behind in terms of Technological innovations compared to other countries even in Africa, and the solution to this problem is to adopted favourable policies and created enabling environment for business growth.

While emphasizing the importance of ICT to the economy, he said, “Today national development is hinged on political stability and ICT.

 Discussing more on this issue, he spoke at length,

“Small countries like Kenya, Uganda, Botswana, even Ghana are thinking futuristically; all we are thinking of in Nigeria is how to cut corners. The government should create more ICT parks, that is, more computer education zone.
It is not the billions or the trillions that they call in every year’s budget that will develop the country, it’s the knowledge that people apply to using those resources, if you give money to a fool, the money is lost but if you give that same money to a wise man, the money will be reinvested and yield more money. What development has our budget brought us since the last ten years?, .. We are not serious as a country so, my message to the government is, get serious with education, ICT, encourage those of us who are bringing out our resources. Government in most developed nations assists people like us to bring up people who will run the economy in very different section.”

Aptech Computer Education is the 30-year-old I.T. training brand of Aptech Limited. It is a leading provider of quality career I.T. Education in Nigeria with branches scattered around the country.