Meet 9-year-old Emmanuella, who developed a food website, now a mobile App

I am always filled with excitement when I see young children achieve impressive milestones at such a young age (especially from Nigeria). Miss Emmanuella Oziofu is an example of such, she created a website called Food Website back in February at age 9, and now she is set to launch her mobile App.

On building the App she said,

“The website, known as Food website is to encourage both parents and children to eat healthy local and international dishes and to cut down on junk food. One of the contents of the website is Goodbye Junk Food, Hello Super Healthy Food, which contains all African food, continental dishes and a list of restaurants in various cities in the world.”

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Apart from building the website and then the App, Emmanuella already has an impressive resume, she enrolled at Mikon Institute of Information Technology where I graduated with a certificate in Basic Training, with this she specialized in Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint. She also has a certificate in Desktop Publishing, Advanced PowerPoint, Advance Excel, Corel Draw and Adobe Page Maker, all this while she was in grade 5.

She also went ahead to enrol and study Web Development and Graphic Design at NIIT, Mobile App development at Tech24 and developed her personal mobile app and also designed and hosted her website known as Emma’s ICT Academy.

Back in April 2018, she successfully completed and bagged the following online certificates from SOLOLEARN California:

⏩Certificate in HTML Fundamentals Course #1014-8441765.
⏩Certificate in PHP Tutorial Course #1059-8441765.
⏩Certificate in CSS Fundamentals Course #1023-8441765.
⏩Certificate in SQL Fundamentals Course #1060-8441765.
⏩Certificate in JavaScript Tutorial Course #1024-8441765.
⏩Certificate in JQuery Tutorial Course #1082-8441765.

Mr. Nelson Osamudiamen, Emmanuella’s instructor, described her love for ICT as incredible and said Emmanuella is ever ready to learn. “Emmanuella has learned how to design a website, and I look forward to teaching her Java and other related programmes so that she can also be a website developer.”

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Osamudiamen advised parents and the Federal Government to create an enabling environment for children at a very young age to learn ICT. “Children in countries like China are doing very well when it comes to ICT; Nigerian children are smart and can also do well in ICT. The government should create a good ICT infrastructure in schools and the enabling environment for children to learn the course.”

She is knowledgeable in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery, WordPress, PHP, Mysql and Graphic Design.