Excitement is in the air for Huawei as the consumer products boss Richard Yu announced that the company has already sold 100 million devices already this year, and they have outdone itself when it comes to smartphone sales.

Huawei has sold 100 million devices already this year

This milestone was achieved in the least amount of time this year compared to previous years. For example, in 2015 the figures were achieved on December 22, in 2016 it was October 14, while last year on September 12 Huawei announced 100 million sales.

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Huawei has sold 100 million devices already this year

Yu is hoping the company can increase that figure by reaching 200 million units sold by December 31, there is still plenty of time left since we are still in July.

Again they are experiencing massive sale with the P20 and P20 Pro, both devices alone has already surpassed 6 million, and the Mate 20 is expected to launch soon, so that should help Huawei achieve the 200 million mark.

Compared to only 7 years ago, Huawei’s smartphone sales grew a whopping 51 times, and it’s obvious that it is looking forward to more and more growth.