Google for Nigeria is an event organized by Google to bring together users of Google products, partners, stakeholders, and friends. It is an opportunity for Google to highlight its commitment to give its users a first look experience of its new products and investments for the region.

The company also aims to bring the internet to life for everyone by helping users connect to the Internet in such a way that supports their various hustles and helps them make a positive impact in their communities and the country at large.

Google Station "Free Wi-Fi" and More from the #GoogleForNigeria event

The Google For Nigeria (#GoogleForNigeria) will be the second of its kind to happen in Nigeria and was held yesterday “July 26th” and will be ending today “July 27th” at the Landmark Event Centre, Victoria Island, Lagos.

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The event is of different sections as shown below:


This is a dedicated space to explore, learn, and play with Google’s latest products and platforms through physical installations, and more.


Masterclasses are for one-on-one interactions between Google experts and top influencers to learn about the latest Google technologies and how you can leverage them to support your hustle.


⏩ How to make money on Google
⏩ Capturing your audience on mobile
⏩ Storytelling & Content creation


⏩ YouTube and Nigeria – The latest additions to the platform in Africa and how to make use of additional features on the platform plus how you can benefit from it.
⏩ Content stories – Focus on the diversity of content creation; successes and challenges.

Google Station "Free Wi-Fi" and More from the #GoogleForNigeria event

Google at the event yesterday announced Google Station for Nigeria; which is a program to provide high quality and speed Free Wi-Fi hotspots in Nigeria.

At the launching, the company’s VP, Product Management “Anjali Joshi” said,

We are building our apps to make sure users with limited internet access can use them and get the same experience without the data stress. #GoogleforNigeria

Also speaking at the event; Google Nigeria Country Director “Juliet Ehimuan Chiazor” said,

Google Station will be rolling out in 200 locations in five cities across Nigeria by the end of 2019, bringing Wi-Fi to millions of people. Sites including markets, transport hubs, shopping malls, universities, and more. 

She said the free Wi-Fi was rolled out in partnership with an Internet Service Provider with an extensive fibre network, 21st Century, adding that the company was open to partnerships with other ISPs and telcos.

One of the challenges we found was access to data. Broadband penetration is low and not reliable and there are challenges with affordability to allow many Nigerians to benefit from the digital economy. We are very excited to be able to launch in collaboration with partners

The free Wi-Fi hotspots are currently available at the Landmark Centre, The Palms Mall, Ikeja Mall, MMA2 Domestic Airport Terminal, all in Lagos State.

Other announcements include;

Street View is coming to 7 more cities in Lagos and we are expanding our existing Discover Nigeria gallery! #GoogleforNigeria

— Google in Africa (@googleafrica) July 26, 2018

StreetView is to Discover Nigeria gallery which includes the National Museum in Lagos, Olumo Rock in Abeokuta, Millennium Park in Abuja, and Lekki Conservation Centre.

YouTube Go users will soon be able to browse downloaded videos, saved as .yt file from their phone gallery.

— Google in Africa (@googleafrica) July 26, 2018

YouTube Go: users will be able to browse downloaded YouTube Go videos, saved as .yt files, right from the gallery on their phones.

Launched in 30 counties in Africa Android Go devices give people coming online for the first time a powerful and reliable smartphone experience just for under $50! #GoogleforNigeria

— Google in Africa (@googleafrica) July 26, 2018

Android Go: Launched in Nigeria and 29 other African countries earlier this year, the Go OS gives people coming online for the first time a powerful and reliable smartphone experience.

Machine learning has been very useful for Google Maps. Through AI you can detect addresses for buildings through Street view imagery. This has allowed us to map an evolving like Lagos quickly. #GoogleforNigeria

— Google in Africa (@googleafrica) July 26, 2018

Google Maps Go: will now provide users with turn-by-turn directions, whether they’re travelling by car, by bus or on foot.

Google Go: This feature will read web pages out loud and highlight each word so users can follow along.