Concerning Google’s €4.3b fine imposed by the EU, Google CEO Sundar Pichai has written an open letter in response to the European Union’s Competition Commission. He states that the “decision rejects the business model that supports Android, which has created more choice for everyone, not less.”

Google might start charging for Android, as Pichai comments on the EU fine on Google

 According to a previous report, the aim of the fine was to stop Google from preloading its Chrome browser and its search engine to Android. But in there defence, Sundar said that Google doesn’t force anyone to use either of the App, that it’s easy to install other solutions and that Google lets phone makers and developers preload rival services on its version of Android.

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The Google CEO also pointed out that the free distribution of its own apps is fair and earns the company money, and it won’t be in anyone’s best interest to change that model, and that the development of the platform is very expensive and if Google is unable to generate revenue from it in the current way it might need to make up for it otherwise.

The alternative available to Google might be to start charging for the use of there platform by phone makers. If this happens, it means that phone makers too might have to charge more for there product.

Google will be looking to Appeal the fine, but if it fails to win the appeal, the company will have 90 days to change its practices or risk facing an even larger fine.

We just have to wait and see the outcome of this one.