Who says the country or the environment around you can stop you from achieving greatness, obviously, only YOU can stop YOU. Well if you are feeling down because of the present situation of the country, here is an inspiration for you. Chimdindu Aneke, a Nigerian youth has just joined Facebook as the Developer and Startup Programs Manager for Sub-Saharan Africa.

Although no official statement from Facebook yet, Aneke took to his Twitter page to make this announcement.

I am excited to have joined Facebook as the Developer and Startup Programs Manager, in which I would be responsible for the growth and success of startups and developers in Sub-Saharan Africa.

The journey is only 1% finished…Let’s do this together 💪https://t.co/NfRdA4JZxZ

— Chimdi Aneke (@chimdinduaneke) July 23, 2018

On the full post he wrote on Medium.com concerning the appointment, he said,

“This is my second week, having started officially last week Monday. I am thrilled to see how diverse, smart, and super talented the people here are, and together, work hard daily, to make a meaningful impact for billions of people on this continent.

Facebook’s mission “Give people the power to build community and bring the world closer together” drives everything that is done here. I have experienced this in my interactions with people, the environment, the culture, and I am already looking forward to more.

Beyond the amazing people, the values, the incredible work, open environment, and inclusive culture, I have been oriented and aware that nothing is ever completely done; innovation and creativity should not have a dead-end, except you choose to make them so. Hence, the internal powerful slogan that drives Facebook employees and our work “The journey is only 1% finished.

Together with the team, we will continue to double our efforts in supporting developers through the Developer Circle Communities, Tech hubs, and Startup programs across SSA plus many more exciting initiatives we will be driving. Africa is on a journey and has come really far. To be a player in the big wave coming to Africa, we need to be aware that the Journey is never finished. “We die here” 🙂

I am hopeful that together with developers in the African ecosystem and the rising startups, this journey will bring us closer to building products and deliver services that will be on global demand in the near future.”

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Aneke concluded by saying,

“Africa, our journey is only 1% finished…”

Before joining Facebook, Aneke had previously worked with Andela as a Program Manager for Android Learning Community and a Talent Partnerships Manager, he also worked as a contractor for Google as a Developer Relations Project Manager.

I say Congratulations to Aneke on the new appointment and for doing us proud, and to you who is planning on giving up, Please tap inspiration from this, you can achieve that goal if you continue trying no matter the condition you find yourself. If You can Dream it, You can do it.