After going on for sometime now, the Court case between the Smartphone giants Apple and Samsung concerning design patents infringement, has been ruled in favour of Apple. As a result, Apple has finally been awarded a wholesome amount of $539 million for damages from Samsung.

This decision was made by a federal court in San Jose, California; ruling that Samsung should pay for damages caused by the patents infringement of the rounded corners of Apple’s phone, the rim that goes around the device’s front panel and the grid alignment of the icons.

This particular case over design patents has been dragging on since 2011. Some may forget that it was actually already determined by the courts that Samsung infringed on Apple’s patents, but the two companies have since been continuously battling over how much Samsung would pay in damages.

Apple initially asserted that it was owed as much as $1 billion from Samsung, but several counter-lawsuits, appeals, retrials, and arguments ensued to reduce that award.

It was previously set that Samsung owed roughly $400 million for infringing some specific patents, and now Apple can set the $539 million number in stone.