For some of us, Movies are a part of our daily activites. When working and you are exhausted, we watch movies to help us relax and feel refreshed and also spend time with friends and family. Some movies helps to shape the way we think, others educate us about history and managing family life and day to day activities. You can even travel to different parts of the world and learn about various cultures just by watching movies.

For some, going to Cinemas and buying expensive tickets or buying CDs might not be affordable.
But the goodnews is you can watch Movies online, but the challenge might be how to get this movies legally.
This is why we decided to bring to you 5 legal sites to watch movies online, and you can use this sites anywhere and anytime.
Let get to it:

1. YouTube Movies

This website needs no introduction. The movies on the movies section of YouTube are of premium quality. Although not all the movies are available for free, those which demand payment, have a minimal price for watching movies. The best part about this website is that it already has a filter for free movies known as ‘Zero Dollar Movies’.

2. PopcornFlix

It is owned by Screen Media ventures. Although the website offers a lot of Public Domain movies, original content is available too. The best part is that you can stream content on any type of device without spending any money. While PopcornFlix is said to be perfectly legal to use, do not confuse it with the very popular ‘Popcorn Time’ streaming site which is arguably illegal for streaming content they do not own.

3. Crackle

A website owned by Sony co. There are awesome movies provided here. All you need to do it sign up on the website and create a watch-list to enable the website to suggest movies. Also, most of the movies found here aren’t available on any website for free and the existence of an application for the same simplifies things even more.   

4. Classic Cinema Online 

This website is perfect for Classic movies lovers. Asides from being an aesthetically-pleasing for any lover of old-school vintage film posters, what sets classic cinema online apart from other streaming sites is its extensive feature on silent films available. This is a liter leaven for classic movie lovers.

5. Public Domain Torrents

Being the only non-notorious torrent website, this website is home to a huge reserve of movies. Also, the movies are downloadable in many formats and you can download them according to your needs. 

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