There is this usually saying that leaving your phones to charge continously after 100% or plugging your phones over night can depreciate the battery life or make it age faster. Is this true?

 Well, Ashley Carman, a tech reporter for the Verge carried out an investigation concerning this.

She called up some battery experts to find out their take on this. The first she called was ‘Daniel Steingart’, an associate professor at Princeton University, depertment of mechanical and aerospace engineering in New Jersey, USA. Here’s what Daniel Steingart had to say- ” The easiest thing to do is just keep it plugged in all the time or as much as you can”. So his perception is that there’s nothing wrong in keeping our phones charging as much as we can cus we all need our phones charged and ready to use. Our phones are really smart and its software recognise when the battery reaches 100% so you can’t technically overcharge your battery, Daniel says.

She called up another battery expert to get a different opinion and the next she called was ‘Venkat Srinivasan’, the director of Argonne Collaborative center for energy storage science. Here’s what he had to say – “Don’t charge the battery all the way to 100%. Get up to 90% and then stop it.” Venkat never let his phone reach full charge. He said we should keep our phones between 30 and 90 percent charge because once they reach 100% certain reactions occur that degrade the electrolytes and depreciate our battery.

She called Daniel back, told him about the conversation she had with Venkat and asked him for clarifications. Daniel told her both theories are right.

So Ashley came up with the conclusion that you damage your battery when you charge it up to a 100%, but if your phone gets to a 100%, keeping it there doesn’t harm your battery life. Batteries are meant to be used and phones are meant to be used. You might even replace that phone before the battery totally wears out.

Especially in a place like Nigeria where you are not sure if there will be NEPA Light the next minute, there is nothing wrong in charging your phone to 100% and leaving it there overnight away from your bed though. But if you care too much about your battery life or you are the kind of person that uses 1phone for 5 or more years then you can take a leap from Venkat and keep it in a narrow charge between 30 and 80 percent.


NEPA- Now known as PHCN in nigeria but still generally referred to as NEPA by the masses